Exhibition Essays

For a Limited Time

August 2010

Bullet Points For Betterness

Thomasin Sleigh
  • Be faster. I can’t emphasise this enough. Once you really get going at an efficient speed good things will start to happen; everything will start falling into place. You can generate these good things by responding quicker. Let your brain disconnect for a little while and just operate on instinct.
  • Trust your instinct. Loosen up and let go. Let things just happen to you instead of circumscribing every situation that you find yourself in. This will make you more flexible and responsive. People will subconsciously recognise that your timing is more acute.
  • Pinpoint everything in your life that detracts from your potential achievement. Jettison these detractors. Do this with a confidence that you may not feel. And don’t worry, this confidence will come over time.
  • Make your time your own. Learn to switch off and retreat inside yourself. Some people don’t believe me, but you can do this at work or at home. At work you can revive your focus and productivity with 20 minute realignment sessions. Clear your mind.
  • Breath deeply. So often you forget to listen to your body and the messages it is sending you. Breathing will bring you inner balance and outward radiance. Your decision-making will become incisive but sensitive to the necessary external factors. Others will admire the clarity you bring to meetings and look to you for strategic direction in their own work.
  • Know your direction. Know it and own it. Visualise yourself on a map and plot your course to success. Your path can be in red or it can be in gold. Choose a colour you like; a colour that represents your success.
  • Colour is important. Take pride in your appearance and listen to the advice of those around you in the know. I am not advocating a slavish adherence to trends but an understated, classic stylishness. This will subtly hold the attention of others in a room. Iron all your shirts on Sunday night. This should be an act of contemplation.
  • Do small things to an exceptional standard. Colleagues will learn to trust your work and to come to you for advice. Disseminate this advice dutifully but with a fair amount of caution. My advice is to keep a few integral secrets and to be strategic with who you counsel. Subtly, let people know that your good favour is available only for a limited time.