Vacuum Idle Adjustment

June 2008

Vacuum Idle Adjustment

Robert Hood, Tahi Moore

Texts by Harold Grieves, Rudolph Hudsucker, Tahi Moore, Kristen Wineera 
Edited by Paula Booker
Design: Hannah Ngaei
Photography: Jeremy Booth
ISBN: 978-0-473-14797-6

“It’s going to have videos. And cars...”

The pairing of Robert Hood and Tahi Moore promised something slightly boyish, coupled with the deadpan, creeping, dry wit both artists are known for. Featuring essays by Kristen Wineera, Harold Grieves, Tahi Moore and Rudolph Hudsucker, Vacuum Idle Adjustment looks critically at an exhibition described as “brilliant minds gone amok”–and more widely at the artists’ practices.

Published on the occasion of Robert Hood and Tahi Moore's exhibition Vacuum Idle Adjustment, curated by Siv B. Fjaerestad, at Enjoy Public Art GalleryJune 7 – 21  2008.

Soft cover, 140 x 210 mm