Lockdown Studio Visits #2

October 01 2021, by Hanna Shim 심한나

Join Tautai arts intern Sophia Amore Coghini for the second in a series of interviews with artists on what they got up to this lockdown. We're starting with Tāmaki Makaurau artists whose planned exhibitons at Enjoy have been disrupted or rescheduled due to COVID-19 Alert level 4 and 3 restrictions.

Artist Hanna Shim 심한나 has had her 2021 exhibition rescheduled to Feburary 2022. Shim identifies herself as a maker, often working in large scale fabric sculpture. Her works talk about naivety with a sinister undertone. The works may seem cute, but are filled with unexpected twists and irony.

Here's what Hanna has been up to lately. 


Courtesy of Hanna Shim 

Courtesy of Hanna Shim 

S.C. What are some skills that you would like to improve on? 

H.S. Condensing and solidifying ideas. Nowadays, I often feel my ideas are not condensed enough to create tangible artwork. Since my usual methodology of making art is to give a voice for its physical art-making practice. However, these days I desperately need an epiphany to help me gather the scattered words floating around. Which will prioritise, order and erase unnecessities - eventually condensed into a piece of writing.


S.C. What's on your wall? 

H.S. Unfinished tufting work, which I was intended to finish during the level 4 lockdown. But I ran out of yarn the next day which I had previously ordered and dreamed the yarn would be delivered as it’s not an essential service. It’s currently resting there unfinished.

Courtesy of Hanna Shim

Courtesy of Hanna Shim

S.C. What have you sketched recently?

H.S. I'm pondering a lot about the space between people and the term 'bubble'—it's such a clever word of choice.


Courtesy of: Hanna Shim 

Courtesy of: Hanna Shim 

 S.C. What are you listening to?

H.S. I recently subscribed to Audible and started listening to a self-help book called Miracle Morning to control my daylight routine. I found myself fighting over the night-owl self with the desired early bird routine. It’s not successful yet and unfortunately, my night owl tradition is currently winning. 


S.C. If you could buy any artwork what would it be? 

H.S. Gowoon Lee’s cloud painting. She is a talented friend, who was raised in NZ and now based in Dusseldorf, Germany. I had always admired her beautiful, obscure and soft colour paintings which contain a hint of hidden twists.