As needed, as possible

April 2020

Gains? Grandmother. Grey Street.

James Tapsell-Kururangi

I was wondering what would be useful for an ______  to read.
I know I have a responsibility to look after my Nan’s house. And my whānau.
I don’t really know if these fragments of text are anything close to a year spent living at Nan’s house.
You’re not supposed to make art about _____.
… It was a year spent living.
I wonder what I would show at a ______?
I would like to be generous to an _______.
I don’t think, or I don’t want the year spent living at Nan’s house to be a ________.
I do not want to _________ her or my life and family as art.
I do want to ask; can a year living at my grandmother’s house be an artwork?