Event 2023

Ko Te Reo ō Ngā Tāngata


Curatorial Workshop Series: Recent Social Turns

Exhibition 2014

Lead us outside, lead us out Quietly

The often overlooked spaces of industrial areas and failed development sites are examined in Auck...


INTERACTIONS Seminar series

Exhibition 2014

Stuggorings and Fijetterings

In Pier Paulo Pasolini’s 1966 film The Hawks and the Sparrows, a father and son wander thro...


Areez Katki artist talk (Curators of Cuba)

Exhibition 2011


In the exhibition Force-Morph, Bowen examines the schism between the real and the virtual.

Exhibition 2011

The Return

The Return revisits images from the family archive as a means of evoking a connection with physic...

Exhibition 2009

The National Drawing Award

The National Drawing Award 2008/9 is the third in an ongoing biennial event hosted by New Zealand...

Exhibition 2008

About Face

Presenting both contemporary New Zealand and German photography, About Face critiqued historical ...

Exhibition 2013

Te Whare Pora

Summer Residency


Empty chairs

By Mark Amery

Exhibition 2007

Shelter or Marquee

What can concepts like freedom and revolution mean in the present?

Exhibition 2012

Was that cannon fire, or is it my heart pounding?

Featuring artists from New Zealand, Mexico, Palestine and Australia, Was that cannon fire, or is ...

Exhibition 2010

An Imaginary Archive

The Wellington Collaboratorium

blog post

An Interview with Bryce Galloway


Seasonal art with a sense of humour

By Mark Amery


Face Value: Portraiture at Enjoy and the NZ Portrait Gallery

By Mark Amery


Enjoy and E.T.A

By Mark Amery


Video Art: Taking the time

By Mark Amery

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