Wildness in the Garden of Empire

By Shaun Matthews

Exhibition 2015


"She was the standard," Garcia says, "so whenever we printed anything, we had to pull Shirley i...

Exhibition 2017

anxious garden

Enjoy is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by George Watson, accompanied by ...

Exhibition 2016

Latent Image

Latent Image* responds both to the material qualities of the gallery space and its past incarnati...

Exhibition 2017

Look out, Fred!

Look out, Fred! is a new installation by Evangeline Riddiford Graham that explores relationships ...

Exhibition 2016

Once there were no windows

Ephemera from the Enjoy Archives

Exhibition 2016

walking forwards backwards

walking forwards backwards explores the practice and traditions of weaving within contemporary so...

Exhibition 2017


A show about earth, flames, pottery and your location

Exhibition 2015

Another Garden

A landscape discovered through a series of physical conversations

Exhibition 2016

The Asia-Pacific Century

Part One


TYPEFACE: Live Tattoo Session and DJ Linda T.

Exhibition 2017

Indecent Literature

Beginning with film stills and photographs from 1970s gay cinema and print erotica, Robbie Handco...

Exhibition 2016

turn left at the end of the drive

Through physical and chemical processes, Jay Hutchinson’s elaborate hand-embroidered pieces...

Exhibition 2017

Untitled Examination Project

As a constructed space, the exam room is exhausting in its banality. Stripped bare of any visual ...

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The making of bread, etc. #3

Exhibition 2015

it's not what you know, it's what you don't know

Clear your head. Breathe. Inhale the air and clear your mind. Write what you know. This is my min...

Exhibition 2019

Wishing Well

The Button knot: holding what was separated together The ‘Caisson’ knot: establishin...

Exhibition 2017

Caressing the Silver Rectangle

As digital technologies shift and evolve, they open up new and increasingly complex interfaces wi...

Exhibition 2015

Homeward bounder

The photographs in the series Homewardbounder show the entrances to ‘adits’, or horiz...

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