In Dialogue

By Bree Smith


The value of A working week

By Chloe Geoghegan

Exhibition 2009

Role. Play

All in different stages of their careers, Lynn, Walker and Sklenars' individual practices deal wi...

Exhibition 2017

Untitled Examination Project

As a constructed space, the exam room is exhausting in its banality. Stripped bare of any visual ...


Terminator three was a woman

By Tao Wells

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Eleanor Diaz Ritson Studio Visit

Exhibition 2013

Emic Etic?

"It is impossible to say what an individual is doing unless we have tacitly accepted the essent...


Feminisms in Contemporary Art Project Spaces

By Kari Schmidt

Exhibition 2021

Pieces of

Summer Residency

Exhibition 2014

Gleaners' Garden

Summer Residency

Exhibition 2022

Through Claystone Eyes

Summer Residency

Exhibition 2022

Ocean of Whispers

A grandmother’s sweet hymn carries keynotes of prayers in a grandchild’s memory, stac...


Latent Room: A photographer’s response

By Caroline McQuarrie


> > ! < <

By Tamara Tulitua

Exhibition 2023

maybe i’m just like a gust of wind

maybe i’m just like a gust of wind is an exhibition by Tāmaki Makaurau based artist We...


Ocean of Whispers

By Etanah Falagā Talapā

Exhibition 2012


...sometimes the alphabet is ABJFHaaaGiLNrstyYCDETCF......and sometimes you get Nat, Lisa and Gar...

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Help Yourself introduction and reading list

Exhibition 2020

This is a library

This is a library, curated by Hanahiva Rose, is an exhibition of work by Teuane Tibbo, Christina ...


For the trees

By Rachel Buchanan

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