Exhibition Essays

Enjoy Gallery Catalogue 2006

December 2006

Dear Reader,

Paula Booker

Welcome to the 2006 PDF Catalogue. In these many pages you’ll find essays, short fiction or interviews to accompany each Enjoy show for 2006.

The relationship of art and art writing is an important one. Writing can articulate latent ideas within an artwork, help you come to enjoy the work further and extend the exhibition experience. Text can bring out conflicts within work and leave you with more questions than answers. Some writing featured in this catalogue takes the exhibition as a departure point and leaves you in the wilderness, far from where you set off. Dear Reader, I would argue that all of these textual adventures are worth the time you spend taking them.

Enjoy places importance on writing both as a support to art and as a creative form of its own. Putting our money where our mouth is, Enjoy stumps up to produce writing which supports every exhibition within the program. This approach has led to the development of writers and editors, and has naturally supplied the exhibiting artists with valuable written support.

In late 2006, I picked up the Writer/Publicist baton from Jessica Reid, and, in 2007, I am in the lucky position of Enjoy Writer and Publications Manager. The new role was extended to establish a range of written dialogue; a program of publications that can add to the critical resonance created in our exhibition program. The annual PDF catalogue is one means currently used to disseminate this written matter.

Circumventing high print production costs, the online catalogue is available free, to be compiled by the reader. Catch up on an exhibition you missed, or an artist or writer you’ve been following.

I’d like to thank the contributing writers for their strong pieces, volunteer proofreaders for exercising their sharp eyes, and to Jayne Joyce for her choice design work.