Calling the Mirrorical: Deep Dives into the Deepest Depths

G. Bridle

27 Jul – 11 Aug 2006
Present by Cryptozoologist G. Bridle

G. Bridle is a cryptozoologist; he investigates and studies the mirrorical, an entity which is ‘hidden' or possibly unattainable. He describes it as a demanding existence requiring perseverance and faith in the face of scepticism, but tirelessly he does not waver from this lifelong vocation. G. Bridle here documented this quest for the mirrorical, an aesthetic spirit, through the portrayal of potential habitats and sites of reference.


Inner City Real Estate 174/147

Fiona Connor

8 Jul – 21 Jul 2006




In 2005, Enjoy Gallery moved from 174 to 147 Cuba Street. Although this move was short in distance, producing a street number that is satisfying, albeit confusing in its reversal, the relocation brought about a great change in terms of new architectural challenges and considerations for exhibiting artists to work with.


CLUBSproject Inc. & Christopher L G Hill present:

Christopher L G Hill, CLUBSproject Inc.

14 Jun – 30 Jun 2006
Works by Christopher L G Hill & James Deuthsher and guests

CLUBSproject Inc. was an artist-initiated project, which initially resided above the old Builders Arms Hotel in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia, operating from this site for three and a half years. Since the closure of this pub CLUBSproject encountered a struggle with the new landlords and it became untenable to remain on these premises.



Hamish Palmer, Julien Dyne

3 May – 19 May 2006

It can often feel like there's an art biennale opening somewhere in the world every second day. In Pacific Rim Inaugural Emergency Shelter Trienniale (or P.R.I.E.S.T.) artists Julien Dyne and Hamish Palmer chose this ubiquitous format to showcase some of their latest works in a tongue-in-cheek collaboration.